Riveting leading edges

Sun, Oct 19th 2008

Today Danny came over with his box o'tools, which included a really nice 3x rivet gun and some "snap socs" which help cushion the edges of an AN470 set to reduce smilies. After I deburred the areas of the spar from my last attempt, Danny and I went to work and set all 60 of the 470AD4-7 and -5 rivets holding the leading edge ribs to the spars without the need to drill a single one out! Boy, do the right tools make the difference! Danny hung around a little longer and helped me set the rivets that hold the top and bottom of the W-701-L and-R leading edge skins to the spar. The wings are actually getting sorta aerodynamic!

Drawing: 10A, 12
Hours: 3.5

Entry Image: 1224645848

Entry Image: 1224645771
Entry Image: 1224645788
Entry Image: 1224645813
Entry Image: 1224645848
Entry Image: 1224645881
Entry Image: 1224645894