Front and rear HS spar assembly

Sun, Oct 21st 2007

At this point, I was itching to rivet part together, so after consulting another RV-7 buld site, I determined that it was OK to assemble the front and rear spars. I started with the rear spar, and clecoed the HS-630PP's to the HS-609PP's and elevator hinge brackets (HS-413PP, HS-412PP). This was my first use of the pneumatic rivet squeezer, and I must say, I LOVE THIS THING!! You start by putting the correct dies in it and shimming them to squeeze a rivet to the appropriate length, then you put all of your rivets in the part you want to rivet, then just go down the row squeezing away! They all com put looking exactly the same, and the most labor intesive part is holding the squeezer up! After I finished the rear spar, I did the front. Due to the 710 and 714 brackets, some of the rivets had to be shot and bucked with the rivet gun. After riveting the front spar, I clecoed all of the ribs into place to see what I was working with.

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Hours: 5.4

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