Finishing leading edges

Sun, Sep 21st 2008

Today I picked up where I left off yesterday and finished prepping the W-701-R skin by scuffing and dimpling it. Then I broke out the spray gun and primer after cleaning both skins with MEK and final clean. After spraying both skins with primer, I assembled both W-423 joint plates with their nutplates, then deburred and dimpled the ribs. By this time the primer was dry, so I shot the skins with clear and took a break. When I came back, the clear was dry enough to work with, so I assembled the right leading edge and riveted it together, then deburred the edges of the skin (easier to do when it's more rigid). Then I did the same to the left leading edge and called it a night.

Drawing: 10A, 12
Hours: 6.22

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Entry Image: 1222139656
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