Leading edges

Sat, Sep 20th 2008

Today I started on the outter leading edges (fuel tanks form the inner leading edges). I removed the left leading edge assembly from the wing, then removed all of the clecos holding it together. Then I removed the protective plastic along the rivet lines and deburred all of the holes in the W-701-L skin and the ribs. Next, I scuffed the inside of the skin in preparation for priming, but before I could prime, I had to dimple all of the holes. After dimpling, I focused on the W-423 joint plate. I enlared the holes to #20, deburred, then dimpled them, and then drilled holes for the rivets to hold the K-1100-08 nutplates. After deburring and dimpling those holes, I primed the W-423 and got started on the leading edge for the right wing. I basically repeated everything up to the point of scuffing and dimpling the W-701-R skin.

Drawing: 10A, 12
Hours: 5.5

Entry Image: 1222139019

Entry Image: 1222138993
Entry Image: 1222139005
Entry Image: 1222139019
Entry Image: 1222139038