Finishing the tanks!

Thu, Sep 18th 2008

Tonight was pretty quick and easy. I started by fabbing and installing a bowed strip of aluminum over the access cover to prevent the flop tube from possibly getting hung up. I don't really think it would have, and debated putting them in after seeing them on other builders' sites, but not seeing anything mentioned in the plans or instructions. Once I DID find a couple of dashed lines representing them in the drawings, I decided to make them and installed them with a 426AD3-5 rivet on each end. Then I installed the T-407 gasket and T-708 cover plate to close up the tanks.

Drawing: 16A
Hours: 2.2

Entry Image: 1222139763

Entry Image: 1222137783
Entry Image: 1222137973
Entry Image: 1222137936
Entry Image: 1222138027
Entry Image: 1222139763