Rear tank baffle

Thu, Sep 11th 2008

Today was pretty straight forward. I recieved my new EZ-Burr bits and put them to use deburring the T-702-L tank baffle. Then I deburred the edges with a file and scotch brite wheel, scuffed the areas to be prosealed, then cleaned it with MEK. I also scuffed and cleaned the areas on the skins and ribs that were to be clecoed to the baffle. Next up, I mixed 60g of proseal and put it in a ziplock bag with the corner cut off and started applying it to the backsides of the T-703 and T-704 ribs, then applied it to the trailing side of the holes in the T-701 skin. This will allow the proseal to be spread forward for a good seal when the baffle was inserted. Genevieve helped me insert the baffle and cleco it in place.

Drawing: 10A, 16A
Hours: 2

Entry Image: 1221702765

Entry Image: 1221702742
Entry Image: 1221702765
Entry Image: 1221702821