HS front spar, rib prep

Sat, Oct 20th 2007

I started out the day by making a run to the auto paint store to pick up some primer and clear coat, then to Home Depot for a set of files and a belt sander. When I got home, I tapered, rounded and bent the ends of HS-710 and HS-714. Then I trimmed and bent the inside ends of the HS-702's, then deburred them. Countersinking the 710 and 714 followed, as did dimpling the 702 for the four flush rivets. I then started to prepare the ribs. The HS-404's needed to be trimmed to fit around HS-710 and HS-714, then all of the ribs (HS-404, 405, 706, 707, 708) needed to be straightened and deburred. Since I don't currently have a pair of fluting pliers, I put two blocks of wood in the vise with a nail between them to form a gap. I then would position the rib over the edge of the pieces of wood and lay another nail over the rib and gap in the wood, then hit the nail with a hammer to form a flute. after the ribs were straightened, I laid out all the parts that I had worked with thus far and shot them with primer.

Drawing: 3
Hours: 5.05

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