Right tank interior bits

Mon, Sep 1st 2008

Today I applied lessons learned from 8/30 to the right tank and things went a little smoother. I flared the end of the vent tube for the left tank, then realized I had forgotten to put the AN hardware on the tube first (just not really sharp this weekend!). I pulled the tube out and slipped the hardware on and inserted the tube back into the tank, wrapping the wires around it neater than before. After installing the sender plates and vent tube in the right tank, I riveted the T-410 reinforcements to the T-703L & R outter ribs, then prosealed the T-703 ribs into both tanks.

Drawing: 16A
Hours: 5.67

Entry Image: 1220491782

Entry Image: 1220491738
Entry Image: 1220491755
Entry Image: 1220491769
Entry Image: 1220491782
Entry Image: 1220491799
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