Left tank interior bits

Sat, Aug 30th 2008

Today was a bit of a cluster- one of those two steps forward, one step back days. I started with installing the capacitance sender plates in the left tank. This would have been pretty straight forward if I hadn't tried to batch some of the soldering work earlier. I had to cut the longer wire down about 9", which I had soldered terminal connectors to at BOTH ends, instead of just one. I crimped and soldered the short wire with the BNC bulkhead terminal with the end of the long wire into another terminal connector, then mounted the connector to the interior capacitance plate, and mounted the plate to the rib. I cut a section of 1/4" aluminum tubing for the fuel tank vent line and inserted it into the plastic grommets previously installed in the ribs. I had a little trouble trying to figure out how exactly the tubing was supposed to seal to the AN fitting, so I decided to apply proseal to the tops of the rivets in the bottom side of the tank instead. Later on, I realized that I needed to flare the end of the aluminum tubing for it to work with the AN fitting.

Drawing: 16A
Hours: 3.83