Prosealing interior ribs on left tank

Tue, Aug 26th 2008

Today I mixed up a 110g batch of proseal and put it into a ziplock bag and trimmed the corner off of the bag. Then I used the bag to apply the proseal in a helix pattern around the rivet holes in the T-701L tank skin, then did the same to the center T-704L rib and slid it into position in the skin and clecoed every hole. I repeated this process on the two ribs on either side of the first one. I was on a bit of a roll, and had some proseal left over, so I applied proseal to the T-406B filler flanges and VA-112 drain flanges, clecoed them in place, and called it a night.

Drawing: 12, 16A
Hours: 3.87

Entry Image: 1220488363

Entry Image: 1220488363
Entry Image: 1220488401
Entry Image: 1220488422
Entry Image: 1220488442
Entry Image: 1220488461
Entry Image: 1220488479