Prep and first use of Proseal

Sun, Aug 24th 2008

OK, so I don't have ACTUAL "Proseal", I just have what Van's is selling these days to seal the fuel tanks, but I'm sure it's just as sticky as the real thing, so I'll call it Proseal :-P I started with fitting and drilling the T-406B fuel cap flanges to the skins, then I fabbed the T-714 clips, and deburred all holes. Then I dimpled the holes in the skins, and countersunk the holes in the T-406B's. Next on the list was drilling the skins for the VA-112 drain flanges and deburring those holes. Next I took red Scotch-Brite and scuffed all of the rivet lines inside the skins and the stiffeners and cleaned the surfaces with MEK. I taped rivets in place for the stiffeners, THEN I broke out the Proseal! This stuff is like JB Weld, except it never lets go of anything, notably itself! It is very stringy! I mixed up a 33 gram batch and used Van's popsicle stick method to apply it to the tank stiffeners for the right tank. After sticking all of the stiffeners down and pressing them in place, I back riveted them into place, dressed up the edges (well, TRIED TO anyway) and put a dab of sealant on the shop heads of the rivets and called it a day.

Drawing: 16A
Hours: 3.8

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