Dimples and end rib prep

Sat, Aug 23rd 2008

Today started with the pneumatic squeezer and dimpling all of the tank ribs and outer perimeter of the tank skins, then the C-frame was used to dimple the rest of the holes in the tank skins. Then I broke out the fly cutter and cut access openings in the end ribs and drilled the T-411 cover plate and T-407 stiffener ring to the rib. Next, I deburred all of the holes, dimpled the new rivet holes in the rib, and countersunk the rivet holes in the T-407. Riveting the ribs and nutplates to the T-407 came last.

Drawing: 16A
Hours: 6.86

Entry Image: 1219720553

Entry Image: 1219720219
Entry Image: 1219720367
Entry Image: 1219720388
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Entry Image: 1219720553