Drilling left tank

Sun, Aug 10th 2008

Today I started with match drilling T-701-L to W-423, then removing the left fuel tank from the wing and final drilling all of the holes. The next step was counter sinking the T-701-L skin at all of the holes that attach it to the T-702 baffle. After that, I removed all of the clecos and marked the ribs and brackets, then fabricated the T-405 tank attach angles out of 2x2.5x3/16" aluminum angle.

Drawing: 10A, 16A
Hours: 4.18

Entry Image: 1218595517

Entry Image: 1218595482
Entry Image: 1218595517
Entry Image: 1218595548
Entry Image: 1218595575
Entry Image: 1218595601
Entry Image: 1218595616