Tank attach brackets

Mon, Aug 4th 2008

Tonight I finished bolting up the remaining tank attach brackets (T-712). I had to open up some of the holes in the spar and/or the brackets to get a coupe of them bolted up, then I attached the six nutplates to the spar that are used to hold the inner most T-712's into place. When I clecoed the T-702 tank baffles and T-701 skins in place, I found that I was going to have to open up some holes in the T-702's to allow the T-701's to line up W-701 skins properly. I also attached the stiffeners to the T-701-R.

Drawing: 10A, 16A
Hours: 2.93

Entry Image: 1218074255

Entry Image: 1218074209
Entry Image: 1218074235
Entry Image: 1218074255
Entry Image: 1218074298