HS rear spar

Thu, Oct 18th 2007

Today was final drilling the elevator hinge brackets and assmbling the VA-146 hinge bearing. I made the bearing more work than it was worth, forgetting about the whole concept of SQUEEZING rivets and I went straight for rivet gun and bucking bar :-/ Actually, the first 5 rivets went surprisingly well, considering I didn't have the assembly clamped to anything. The sixth and final rivet was another story entirely. While I was fighting the last rivet, I remembered about SQUEEZING rivets and decided to drill out all of the rivets and squeeze them all. After I finished with that assembly, I clecoed it to the rear spar assembly and final drilled them together to #12. I then disassembled and deburred everything.

Drawing: 3
Hours: 3.03

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Entry Image: 1193624993