Leading edges, start on tanks

Sat, Aug 2nd 2008

Long day today, but it was good! I got to meet Danny, who is starting to build an RV-7 in Bend. He came down and helped out for a few hours. I started with clecoing the W-709 ribs into the W-701 leading edge skins for both wings. I marked the W-705 bottom skins to allow me to drill the hole for the tie down anchor in the W-701's. I removed the bottom skins, then placed each leading edge assembly on top of the spar and clecoed the ribs and skin to the spar. Then I marked the W-423 joint plates and placed them into position with the W-408-1 inboard leading edge ribs and match drilled them to the skins. Then I match drilled the rest of the ribs and spars to the skins. Danny showed up to help drill the second leading edge assembly, then we got started on the T-712 tank attach brackets. Drew center lines, drilled holes, clecoed them to the spars, then drilled more holes. Then we drilled the brackets for nutplates, and countersunk and deburred the holes and shot them with primer. While the primer was drying, we cut out and deburred the T-711 A-D stiffeners and match drilled them to the T-701-L tank skin. After the primer was dry, we riveted the nutplates to the T-712 brackets and started fitting them to the spar. This is when we found out that maybe we should have been a little more precise with our drilling! Between the somewhat loose clecos when match drilling the brackets to the spars, loosing track of exactly which bracket went where, and some slop drilling for the nutplates, they are going to need some massaging to get them all mounted. We got half of them bolted to the spar and called it a day.

Drawing: 10A, 16A
Hours: 10.6

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