Assembling left wing skeleton

Sat, Apr 12th 2008

Today I finally got started with some CONSTRUCTION! I started by clecoing the W-710, 711, and 712 ribs to the main spar (W-706-L), then clecoing the rear spar (W-707-L) to the ribs. Then I final drilled all of the rivet holes. Then I clecoed the W-709 nose ribs in place and final drilled them. Next, I disassembled everything and deburred all of the holes in the ribs and spars. After deburring, I set about riveting the W-710, 711, and 712 ribs to the main spar. I did them one at a time, starting with the third rib from the inboard end of the spar. Due to the close proximity of the ribs and the way the flange faces, this method allows you to have the room required for the rivet gun. I shot and bucked all of these rivets myself, and didn't have to drill out a single one! Next, I riveted the rear spar into place using the pnumatic squeezer. The nose ribs are left off until later.

Drawing: 10A
Hours: 5.44

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Entry Image: 1208482002
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