Inventory, rear spar assembly

Tue, Oct 16th 2007

Today, I inventoried the big box (the one with all of the skins & spars), then got started on assembling the rear horizontal stabilzer spar. I used a scotch brite wheel on the bench grinder to break all the edges of the HS-609PP bars and a file to round the ends, followed with the scotch brite wheel again. I then clecoed the 609PP's to the HS-603PP's and final drilled them together to #30, then enlarged the holes for the HS-708 to #19.

Drawing: 3
Hours: 2.25

Entry Image: 1193623956

Entry Image: 1193623748
Entry Image: 1193623771
Entry Image: 1193623814
Entry Image: 1193623896
Entry Image: 1193623931
Entry Image: 1193623956