Deburring ribs

Sat, Mar 22nd 2008

I got started on the arduous task of deburring, tweaking, and fluting all of the wing ribs (54 of them!). I went slow today, trying different tools to get the results and speed that I wanted. I ended up with: 1) Bending the edges of the ribs so they are perpendicular to the center of the ribs 2) Filing the edges so there are no nicks 3) Hitting the inner and outer edges of the ribs with a scotch-brite disk in the die grinder 4) Using the Dremel with a small, fine grinding stone to get in the hard to reach areas 5) Fluting the ribs to straighten them 6) Deburring any smaller holes with a deburring tool, and 7) Using a scotch-brite drum to debur the inside edges of the lightening holes. I only got 8 ribs done today though.....

Drawing: none
Hours: 3.45

Entry Image: 1206925760

Entry Image: 1206925760
Entry Image: 1206925789