Rear spar

Sat, Mar 15th 2008

I started with the rear spar by deburring the edges of W-707A, E and F, then trimming and deburring W-707G&D. Then I clamped and drilled the W-707E&F to the rear spar (W-707A) and cut the hole for the aileron pushrods in the W-707E's. Next, I clecoed the W-707G&D's to the spar and match drilled all of the holes. I also drilled some of the W-707A holes above the W-707G's to allow dimpling after deburring everything. I machine countersunk the four holes on the ends of the W-707F's, then I disassembled everything and deburred all of the holes and dimpled the ones mentioned before. Then I cleaned and primed all of the parts.

Drawing: 10A
Hours: 6.78

Entry Image: 1205719856

Entry Image: 1205719790
Entry Image: 1205719812
Entry Image: 1205719837
Entry Image: 1205719856
Entry Image: 1205719941
Entry Image: 1205719959
Entry Image: 1205720012
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Entry Image: 1205720041