Tie down anchors

Sat, Mar 8th 2008

Today started by attaching two nutplates on the inboard end of each spar, then I put in some time on the wing tie down anchors. I had to sand 1/32" off of each W-731 to get them to the correct length, then drilled two match holes in each one. Then I cut the W-726 spacer blocks to length and drilled a 3/4" hole (largest unibit size I have) in the center of each one. I clamped each W-731 and it's respective W-726's to their respective spars and dropped two bolts though the spars and W-731 holes, then back drilled the remaining holes through the spar. As I disassembled everything, I marked each assembly for orientation, then held them together with bolts and the platenuts that were to be mounted on the assembly.

Drawing: 15A
Hours: 2.52

Entry Image: 1205378828

Entry Image: 1205378767
Entry Image: 1205378788
Entry Image: 1205378804
Entry Image: 1205378828