Spar nutplates

Sat, Mar 1st 2008

I started the wings today by attaching all of the nutplates that are required to mount the fuel tanks and inspection covers. This was a very repetitive process of drilling out rivet holes, countersinking them, clecoing the nutplates in place, riveting one side, then the other, and finally countersinking the screw hole in the center of the nutplate. I didn't count, but another builder claims there are 144 nutplates total, with two rivets and three countersinks each. After the final countersinking, I shot the edges of the spars with primer to protect the holes for the screws. Some people have done this with Q-tips, but the idea hadn't occurred to me :-/

Drawing: 16A
Hours: 5.18

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Entry Image: 1204474389
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