Almost finishing left elevator

Sun, Dec 30th 2007

I started today with having Genevieve help me roll the leading edge of the E-701-L. This side went better than the right elevator, which was harder than the rudder for some reason. After we got the blind (pop) rivets in place, I installed the rid end bearings. Next up was machine countersinking the top flange of E-607PP, then I back riveted the bottom flange of E-607PP, E-717 and E-718 to the bottom of the trim tab skin. It was best to squeeze some of the E-717/718 rivets. Next I clecoed and riveted E-721 to the top flange of E-607PP and the trim tab skin, then positioned and clamped the whole assembly to the elevator. I match drilled E-721 to the holes in E-701-L and E-606PP, clecoing the assembly as I went. I then marked and trimmed the inboard end of E-721 to match the E-701-L. After deburring the holes in E-721, I pulled the pin out of the hinge and riveted the forward half of E-721 to the elevator. With the hinge pin holding the trim tab temporarily in place, everything looks straight and square! I still felt like I had some energy, so I started working on the mounting brackets and cover plate for the trim tab servo. I got them drilled, deburred and dimpled, then hung them up to prime them.

Drawing: 4
Hours: 5.9

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