Riveting and trim tab

Sat, Dec 29th 2007

Today started with riveting the elevator skeleton to the E-701-L skin and bolted in the E-714. I bent the trailing edge of the trim tab (E-619-1-020), then bent the ends using the wood blocks I had used on the E-701-L. This time I got the bends MUCH cleaner, and the last ones, on the outside end of the trim tab, could almost live without any rivets at all! I clecoed E-607PP (trim tab spar) to the trim tab bottom skin, then clecoed E-717 to E-718 and clecoed them to the bottom side of the trim tab skin. Then I final drilled E-717, E-718 and E-607PP to the bottom of the trim tab skin. Next, I positioned, clamped and drilled the E-721 hinge to the top flange of E-607PP and the trim tab skin, then disassembled, deburred, dimpled and primed the parts.

Drawing: 4
Hours: 4.17

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