Prepping elevator skeleton and counterweight

Thu, Dec 27th 2007

I started today with riveting all of the stiffeners and E-615PP to the E-701-L skin. After the riveting, I bent the trailing edge and squirted some silicone on the trailing edge of the stiffeners. Now I could start with assembling and drilling the skeleton. I started with clecoing and drilling E-610PP and E-611PP to the E-702 spar. I fluted and straightened the E-703 and E-704 end ribs, then clecoed and drilled them to E-702. I removed the E-703 and E-704 from E-702 as a pair, then clecoed E-713 to them and slid the E-714 counterweight into place. I drilled #12 holes through E-713, E-714 and into E-703 and E-704. I removed E-713 and machine countersunk E-714. Next, I clecoed The E-705 root rib to E-702 and final drilled them to #40. I clecoed E-713 back on to E-703 and E-704, then clecoed the assembly back on to E-702, then clecoed that whole assembly to the E-701-L skin. I clecoed and then drilled the WD-605-1-L elevator horn to E-702 and E-705, and then clecoed E-606PP into place. At this point I started final drilling E-701-L to the skeleton, then disassembled and deburred and dimpled all of the parts. I beveled the edges of E-713 where E-707-L overlaps it, then I primed all of the parts.

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