Mounting right elevator

Tue, Dec 25th 2007

I needed to mount the right elevator to the stabilizer so I could hang them both up to make room for building the left elevator. After I drilled the HS-412PP and -413PP hinge brackets to allow the mounting bolt to slide in, I realized that I was going to need to trim a little bit of the HS-601PP skin to provide adequate clearance for the elevator counterweight. I marked a line extending area that was already cut out forward 1-1/16" and marked a line perpendicular towards the outside of HS. I located a point 1/8" in from the corner of my lines, center punched it, then drilled it to 1/4" with a unibit. I cut along the lines with snips to remove the rest of the material, being careful to leave a TINY bit of excess skin to file down to size. I also trimmed a little bit of the HS-603PP stilizer spar to allow the control elevator control horn enough movement. After the skin and spar were trimmed, the elevator was mounted and swung freely.

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