Riveting the right elevator

Sun, Dec 9th 2007

We started by riveting E-703 to E-704. I don't have a squeezer yoke wide enough to fit over the edges of the two ribs, so these were shot and bucked. Having a way to hold the assembly in place is a definate plus for this job, and I think I'm going to change the order of assembly for the left elevator. The next step was riveting E-610-PP, E611-PP and the platenuts to E-702. Then E-709 to E-702, followed by WD-605-1-R to E-709 and E-702. Riveting E-703/E-704 to E-702 was a bit of a challenge due ot the tight quarters involved with the rivets for holding E-704 to E-702. On the left elevator, we will rivet E-704 to E-702, THEN rivet E-703 to E-702 and E-704. This will allow us to bend E-703 a little to use the squeezer instead of trying to shoot/buck up against a rib at 90*. Next up was putting a couple of rivets in the top and bottom of E-701-R to hold E-713 in place. Before putting the skeleton in place, we used a syringe to put a dab of silicone at the ends of the stiffeners on the E-701-R skin. Once the skeleton is in place, there is no access to these rives on the inside, so you would have to use blind rivets if you did not rivet them now. After those were riveted, we slid the skeleton into the skins and clecoed them in place, then started riveting. After we were done riveting, we were able to slide the E-714 counterweight in place since we hadn't dimpled the holes in E-713 for the mounting screws. We then secured E-714 in place with the screws, dimpling E-713 at the same time. The last step was rolling the leading edge, then drilling and blind riveting it.

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Hours: 4.2

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