More right elevator

Sun, Dec 2nd 2007

Today we got started by back riveting the E-720 stiffeners to the E-701-R skin. This was Gen's first shot at riveting, and after some initial trepidation, she did quite well! She set about 3/4 of the rivets in the stiffeners! While she was working on that, I made up the sheet metal "brake" for folding the E-701 trailing edges out of an 8' 2x6. After we were both done, we got started with the elevator skeleton. Most of this was straight forward, just like I had done before with the rudder, except Van's doesn't pre-drill the E-714 counterweight, and I didn't read far enough ahead in the directions. I ended up breaking my #30 drill bit in the lead, DOH! That pretty much shut us down for the day, but we did get a few more #40 holes final drilled and got the skeleton ready for clecoing to the skin.

Drawing: 5
Hours: 2.83

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Entry Image: 1197259006
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