Starting right elevator

Sat, Dec 1st 2007

Today Genevieve and I started on the right elevator. She's done with school for a few weeks, so I talked her into giving me a hand in building the plane to see if she would like it. We started by cutting all of the E-720 stiffeners for both elevators from the aluminum angles. I sanded them, the Gen deburred all of them on the scotch brite wheel. After I was done, I started clecoing the finished stiffeners onto the E-701-R skin, then Gen final drilled all of the holes. After we peeled the plastic off of the skin, we both went to town deburring all of the holes, and Gen had fun dimpling the stiffeners with the pneumatic squeezer. We dimpled the skin with the C-frame, and it was nice to have a second pair of hands to hold and position the skin. We finished the day by priming all of the parts.

Drawing: 5
Hours: 4.52

Entry Image: 1197257826

Entry Image: 1197257757
Entry Image: 1197257800
Entry Image: 1197257826
Entry Image: 1197257860