Rudder skeleton

Sat, Nov 10th 2007

I started today with back riveting all of the R-915 stiffeners to the R-901 skins. Then I started building up the spar, starting at the bottom with the R-904 bottom rib, R-606PP reinforcement plate, R-405 rudder horn, and the R-907 shim made out of .032 sheet. After all of this was clecoed and drilled, the R-607 and 608PP reinforcement plates were clecoed and drilled, then the R-903 and R-912 were clecoed and drilled in place. This was followed by the R-913 counterbalance skin and then clecoing the R-901 skins in place and final drilling them. The last thing I did was cut the R-918 and R-710 pieces and clamp/cleco them in place and final drill them.

Drawing: 7
Hours: 4.62

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