Seat backs

Wed, Nov 16th 2011

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working on fabbing and installing the seat backs. I started with cutting the piano hinge sections to length, then drilling and riveting them to the F-742 aft seat floors. Next I trimmed and cut lightening holes in the F-638 seat back braces and cut the piano hinge sections to length. The seat backs themselves were next up, and I started by cutting all of the aluminum angle pieces to length, then plotting, marking and drilling all of the rivet holes to hold everything together. Deburring and priming came next, then riveting and paint.

Drawing: 30
Hours: 10

Entry Image: 1321488329

Entry Image: 1321488244
Entry Image: 1321488267
Entry Image: 1321488283
Entry Image: 1321488306
Entry Image: 1321488329