Baggage compartment

Sun, Oct 30th 2011

Today I got started in the baggage compartment. Started with the F-750 L&R covers, and making sure all the holes were match drilled to the right size, then I ran the rudder cables from the nose to just behind the baggage compartment. After the cables were run, I riveted the covers in place. Next I riveted the F-747 baggage floors into place. It felt really good to actually be doing some final assembly in the cockpit! Next I spent time trimming and drilling the rear baggage bulkheads, then installing the nutplates on the F-706 bulknead. Next was screwing the F-749 forward baggage covers into place, followed by the F-748 tunnel cover. After this was all done, the fuse is really starting to look like an airplane! I took some time to sit back and admire my work while I cleaned up my work area.

Drawing: 29
Hours: 7

Entry Image: 1320033403

Entry Image: 1320033403
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Entry Image: 1320033477
Entry Image: 1320033497
Entry Image: 1320033520
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