Months of fuselage work

Sun, Oct 23rd 2011

It's been an entire summer since I've updated this log, mostly due to the random schedule I have for being able to work on it. But during this time, I've riveted the center section to the tailcone, and the side skins, baggage area stiffeners, armrests, and forward fuselage together with some help from Gary, an aspiring pilot that lives a few houses down the street. With his help, I was able to rivet the forward fuselage bottom skin and stiffeners- a job that would have been impossible to do alone. In another session he helped with some of the stiffeners on the lower sides of the fuselage that I may have been able to do alone, but probably would have resulted in having to drill out some rivets. After this was done, we were able to roll the fuselage upright so I could finish the riveting on the forward section. Then it's been little bits here and there when I can squeeze them in. This weekend I squared up the fuselage and drilled the F-714 aft deck, which sets the amount of twist the fuselage has in it. After some stressing on how many degrees (or fractions of) were allowable, I think I got it dialed into "zero point zero". Hopefully that's good enough ;-)

Drawing: 23, 25, 26, 27A, 28, 34, 38
Hours: 46

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Entry Image: 1319433702
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