Forward floor stiffeners

Sat, Jan 22nd 2011

Today I clamped and drilled the center F-772B L&R stiffeners to the F-601J angles and F-783B L&R cover support ribs. After I had the front and rear ends of these clecoed in place, I positioned the outter F-772B L&R stiffeners, then drilled and clecoed them to the firewall. Next, I positioned and clecoed the F-772 forward bottom skin to the fuselage structure and drilled all four F-772B stiffeners to the skin.

Drawing: 23
Hours: 3

Entry Image: 1295820918

Entry Image: 1295820865
Entry Image: 1295820881
Entry Image: 1295820918
Entry Image: 1295820949
Entry Image: 1295820979