More longerons and brackets

Thu, Dec 30th 2010

Today I finished fitting the F-717 lower longerons and drilled them to the WD-603 brackets for the four mounting bolts on each side. Then I drilled and trimmed the F-684 gussets. These required some pretty detailed trimming, and the forward portion of the F-770 side skins needed to be peeled back to allow for them to be drilled to the firewall sitffeners and WD-603's. Then I added the F-902 forward bulkheads and the F-7101 gear attach webs and the F-796 reinforcement angles.

Drawing: 23
Hours: 4.5

Entry Image: 1294545542

Entry Image: 1294545542
Entry Image: 1294545717
Entry Image: 1294545771
Entry Image: 1294545819