Starting the vertical stabilizer

Fri, Nov 2nd 2007

After taking most of the week off, I started on the vertical stabilizer tonight. I started by clecoing all of the hinge brackets and the VS-808PP spar doubler to the VS-803 rear spar. Then I took all to the ribs (VS-704, 705, 706, 707) and straightend them by fluting the edges, and then clecoed them to the VS-803 and the front spar (VS-702). At this point, I had a vertical stab. skeleton, so I wrapped it with the VS-801PP skin, final drilled all of the holes, and called it a night.

Drawing: 6
Hours: 2.53

Entry Image: 1194193167

Entry Image: 1194193081
Entry Image: 1194193111
Entry Image: 1194193149
Entry Image: 1194193167
Entry Image: 1194193189
Entry Image: 1194193210