Starting F-704 bulkhead

Sun, Apr 18th 2010

Started today by climbing the shelves that have held the 704 bulkhead assembly since the wing kit arrived (they ship together). The first thing I did was drilled several holes larger to accept the snap bushings for wiring pass throughs. There are a few that I located and pilot drilled, but I'll drill them full size later on when I have ribs clecoed in place. I had to sand the edges of 4 of the bushings due to their close proximity to the F-704-C/D. Then I clecoed the -704C's to the -704A and the -704D's to the -704B and used a couple of NAS bolts to ensure alignment, then drilled all the bulkheads to final size then deburred and riveted. Next I found the F-633's and cut away some excess material that the plans show for some weight savings- not much, but what the heck. After that, I drilled the mounting holes. I finished the night by mounting the WD-610 control column to the F-633's after I had bolted them to the F-704B.

Drawing: 11
Hours: 7.5

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Entry Image: 1272132397