Aileron pushtubes

Sun, Apr 19th 2009

I started today with cutting my W-818 and W-716 tubes to length. Had I been paying close attention, I would have noticed a tiny dent in one end of the AT6-035x1.25 tubing used to make the W-716's, and cut it off instead of some perfectly straight tubing! This mistake required me to get a replacement tube from Van's and crushed my goal of finishing all four tubes today. I deburred the ends of the tubes and primed the insides. While the primer was drying, I went to the hardware store and picked up some aluminum angle to fabricate a drill guide with to assist me in drilling straight through the round tubes. After the guide was built, I drilled the AN490-HT8P threaded rod ends to the W-818's, and the VA-111's to the W-716. I backriveted the W-818's, and that seemed to work well. The W-716 ends used blind rivets.

Drawing: 15A
Hours: 2.47

Entry Image: 1244172472

Entry Image: 1244172366
Entry Image: 1244172389
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Entry Image: 1244172472
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