Riveted flaps

Sun, Apr 5th 2009

I started this process by clecoing all of the FL-705 ribs to the FL-702 bottom skins, then riveting the trailing edges of the ribs to the " rear spar" of the bottom skin. This had to be done before clecoing the FL-701 top skin in place to provide access to both sides of the rivets. After clecoing the FL-701 skins in place, I started to rivet the FL-705 ribs to the top and bottom skins. After this was complete, I riveted the FL-701's to the FL-702's along the "rear spar" of the FL-702's. Next, I riveted the FL-706B's to their respective FL-704 end ribs, along with the K1000-4 platenuts, and riveted the FL-704's to the flap assembly. next up was riveting the FL-706A's to their respective FL-703 spars, and then riveting the spar to the flap assembly with the piano hinge along the bottom leading edge.

Drawing: 14A
Hours: 7.46

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