Deburring and dimpling

Sat, Oct 27th 2007

Today started with disassembling the skeleton for the horizontal stabilizer and deburring all of the holes that were match drilled to the HS-601PP skins. The next step was to dimple all of the holes in the HS-603, 404, 405, 702, 706, 707, and 708 that interact with the holes in HS-601PP. Oh, and you have to dimple the holes in the -601PP's also. Most of these dimples were a piece of cake with the pneumatic squeezer- put the "nipple" of the die in the hole to be dimpled, push and turn the trigger on the squeezer, "chuck, pshhhh", and move on to the next hole :-) This also worked great on the perimeter of the -601 skins, but the squeezer doesn't have the reach to get to all of the interior holes, so you have to use the C-frame. After I was done dimpling, I smoothed the edges of the -601PP's and sprayed the insides with primer, and re-primed spots that I missed on the skeleton. Later in the evening, I came in and shot everything that had primer on it with a clear coat to seal the primer.

Drawing: 3
Hours: 4.32

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