Riveted left aileron

Sat, Feb 14th 2009

Today was my first day back from PIA in Reno, so I got busy assembling the left aileron. First I riveted the stiffeners to the skin, then bent the trailing edge to shape. Then I riveted the A-408 spar reinforcements to the spar and the A-704 nose ribs to the counter balance pipe. Next, I clecoed the leading edge skin to the counter balance/nose rib assembly, then clecoed and riveted the leading edge assembly to the top of the spar and A-801 skin. I riveted the nose ribs to the leading edge skin, bolted the A-406 and -407 brackets to the spar, riveted the A-705 ribs in place, blind riveted the counter balance pipe to the leading edge, and finally closed the aileron by blind riveting the bottom of the leading edge, skin and spar together.

Drawing: 13A
Hours: 4.38

Entry Image: 1242960773

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