Aileron leading edges and counterweights

Sat, Jan 24th 2009

Today Adam came over again and we started work on the the leading edges of the ailerons by drilling the supplied 1/2" galvanized water pipe to the A-802 leading edge skin. We then match drilled the A-704 nose ribs to the spar and pipe, then removed the pipe and machine countersunk all of the holes that hold it to the skin. Next I used the male dimple die and the rivet gun on low pressure to to dimple the leading edge skin. The pipe acts as the female half of the dimple die set. We then match drilled the A-802PP leading edge skin to the A-403PP spars AND the A-801PP skins after we realized the rivets that close up the ailerons on the bottom of the spar required bigger holes than we had previously drilled. Better to drill too small than too big though! My camera also seems to have died, so no pictures.....

Drawing: 13A
Hours: 5.2