Hole deburring

Thu, Oct 25th 2007

Today was a pretty basic day. I took out all of the clecos holding the HS-601PP skins in place, and started deburring all of the holes. Oh, what FUN! Actually, it's not too bad, just time consuming. I di about half of them with just a 1/4" drill bit and my fingers, and the other half with that drill bit in a drill. The drill certainly goes faster, but it's also easy to take off a bit too much material when you're working on thin aluminum.. After I got done with the holes, I peeled all of the blue protective vinyl out of the inside of the skins and used a hot knife to cut stripes of it off of the outside, along the rivet holes.

Drawing: 3
Hours: 2.53

Entry Image: 1193887190

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Entry Image: 1193887190
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