Inboard bottom skins

Fri, Jan 2nd 2009

Today was a long day of riveting the W-704 inboard bottom skins in place. Getting the rivets set through the rear spar between the wing walk ribs was a PITA since the ribs are so close together, and I got to do the first wing TWICE since I had forgotten to dimple the bottom of the rear spar when I did the top. I had set 14 rivets before I figured out that I really COULD see light between the skin and spar after the rivets were set, so I got to drill them all out. The second and third times went much faster though! The length of the skins is about 1" longer than the reach of my arms, so getting to the rear spar was a chore, but the farther away from the spar you get, the easier it gets to buck the rivets.

Drawing: 12
Hours: 7.53

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