Match drilling HS skins

Tue, Oct 23rd 2007

After clecoing the HS-601PP skins in place yesterday, today I started match drilling them to the ribs and spars. For the most part, this went quickly since the holes are a #42 and you have to drill them up to a #40- not much material to remove. However, when I put the skins on, I was mostly just "mocking it up", so I had installed some of the celecos on the bottom skins from the inside. In order to match drill the skins, I had to open them up and put those clecos on the outside, where I could move them around. That took a couple of minutes, no big deal. I started match drilling at the trailing edge of the HS-405's, and worked my way towards the front of the HS-706's in all of the pre punched holes. Since the HS-405, HS-404, and the center portion of the HS-702 (inboard of HS-707/708) aren't pre-punched, you use the holes in the HS-601PP skins as your drill guide. I worked my way forward from the trailing edge of HS-405 and inward on HS-702. Repeat for the opposite side, then flip and repeat again. The last thing I needed to do was drill two more holes to attach each set of HS-405, 702, and 404 together. I used an angle drill and a #40 bit.

Drawing: 3
Hours: 3.2

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Entry Image: 1193886165
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