Fitting tanks, top skins

Sun, Nov 16th 2008

Today I had planned on riveting the top skins on the left wing, but I didn't quite get there. I started with fitting the fuel tanks by bolting the attach brackets through the spars. Then I started installing the screws that attach the tanks skins to the outter leading edges and the spars. At this opint, I realized I was covering up some holes that needed rivets, but didn't have them! The tanks came off, I installed the rivets, then reinstalled the tanks. After both tanks were installed with all of their screws and bolts, I clecoed the top skins in place and called it a day.

Drawing: 10A, 12
Hours: 4.58

Entry Image: 1227469073

Entry Image: 1227468463
Entry Image: 1227468618
Entry Image: 1227468523
Entry Image: 1227469044
Entry Image: 1227469073
Entry Image: 1227469088